Multimodal service

A combination of sea, railway, air, and truck transportation mode.

This type of transportation combines air, land, and sea modes of transport in situations where the goal is to optimise costs and deadlines. The mobility and flexibility of this approach is difficult to compete with.

The multimodal service is ideally suited for transportation of cargo over massive distances, such as transcontinental transportation, or through Eurasia. One of these multimodal services is the transport of cargo from North and South Americas, South Africa, Southeast Asia, India, and the Middle East into CIS countries.

In this case we offer our clients a combination for each necessary cargo shipment from these modes of transport:

  • Sea transportation to the transit port with the subsequent delivery of cargo to the required place through railway transport, in containers or wagons.
  • Sea transportation to the transit port, with the subsequent delivery of cargo to the required place by truck.
  • A combination of sea + air freight, or automobile + air freight.

The whole spectrum of integrated services, such as repackaging/additional packaging, customs clearance, storage, insurance, equipment, and consolidation, tracking etc. are also part of our offered services.

Send details of your cargo to, and our colleagues will present you with actual rates and the most effective routes, with considerations for the current situation in specific ports and border crossings.

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