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Project management

For over a decade, we use our project transportation management system. Over this time, software solutions have been developing and evolving, and today, in frame of the logistics solutions for project transportation package, we offer our clients an efficient way to control the project process.

In the software package, which we have called the Projects Orchestrator, we keep a detailed log of cargo operations, starting with the pick up from the shipper, inspection, loading, moving, and unloading. Every step is anticipated over time, allowing the client to prepare to receive the cargo.

We have entrusted the routine document work to the system, which sends notifications in the event of missing essential documents.

For every shipment and for separate transport units, the system forms packs of documents, available for use with just a few clicks.

Automated document work, the operations log with predictions, and of course, our team’s expertise, allow us to actualise projects of any scale, adhere to deadlines and ensure control at every stage.

Digital Logistics Office

For convenient communication with our clients, we have developed a Digital Logistics Office – a programming complex, allowing our partners to control their shipments as easily as reading the news.

Through the Digital Logistics Office, we accept requests, quote, and take orders for our logistics services.

In the system, the client can access information about their shipment 24/7. This allows them to plan the reception of the cargo and reduces any need for unnecessary calls and emails.

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